Red Ball

The Red Ball fell in love with pink ball but the aliens lover missed the pinky. Red Ball wants to save his love for red balls. He`s wearing his new hats on his way to find the pink ball. You can choose from 22 different hats in the game. 45 redball game sections are waiting for you.
* Jet: This feature breaks obstacles after the red ball hitting.
* Bomb: Destroys boxes and aliens when exploded.
* Flying helper: It hovers around to collect gold and rewards for red ball.
* Pink ball: After touching our character, pink ball follows the red ball.

Why Game pages exists in Scientific web site

This page is dedicated to kids after retired to being a scientifical journal. Now ytuSigma journal is located on another web page.
You can go to new location of Yildis Technical university Sigma Journal from this link.

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